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Wastewater Education


"Can The Grease"

Can The GreaseIn 2011, over 60% of our service response calls related to grease blockages in the main line, and cost Jacksonville Wastewater Utility’s citizens over $19,000 to respond and clean up due to grease problems. Grease blockages can cause backups into homes, and overflowing manholes. Please pour cooking oils into a can, such as an empty vegetable or coffee can, and toss it in the trash.

Wipe Out Wipes

Many Americans are using “flushable” wipes as a convenient product. These products are found in varieties such as baby wipes, cleaning and dusting wipes, and all-purpose wipes. Many of these are advertised as “flushable”. These wipes do not disintegrate in water. They become lodged on roots and intrusions in the sewer line, and wrap themselves around pumps and motors at sewage lift stations. These wipes cause backups into homes and overflowing manholes. Please DO NOT FLUSH any type of disposable wipe.

Watch the informational videos on Disposible Wipes (Consumer Reports) and Will It Flush?

Water’s Worth It

Clean water is critical to sustain life, yet we take it for granted. The world’s water supply is finite. Water is a valuable resource that can be recovered and reused if managed wisely. Future generations are relying on us to find innovative and holistic ways to ensure adequate and safe water supplies. Everyone shares responsibility for our water. The decision-makers on Capitol Hill, the water professionals who have dedicated their careers to providing these vital services, and everyone who turns on a tap or flushes a toilet. We must ALL work together to keep our water clean and healthy. To do that, we each need to learn to value water. We need to invest our time and energy in protecting our natural resources and infrastructure. And we need to come together to share an important message: WATER’S WORTH IT. It’s worth your respect, your effort, your passion, your health, your effort, and your loyalty. Be as good to water as water’s been to you. Join us by taking the WATER’S WORTH IT Pledge Today!

Your System Deserves "Tender Loving Care" (TLC)

The Jacksonville sewer system and treatment plant represents a multi-million dollar investment. Routine maintenance and cleaning is conducted daily in an effort to keep the lines cleared of obstruction and maintain a steady flow from your residence to the treatment plant.

At the plant, routine maintenance of equipment is a daily procedure. It is important that each of us do our part to maintain our system and keep it running smoothly. NEVER FLUSH, DRAIN, OR PUT IN MANHOLES

Summer Averaging

As a service to our customers, summer sewer rates are averaged on bills dated May through September, using your previous winter average. This allows you to water your gardens, fill your pools, and wash your vehicles without incurring additional sewer fees. Customers are reminded that bills with dates in October will be based on actual water consumption used during September. If you do not have a sprinkler meter, you may choose to limit lawn and garden watering during the month of September to assist in keeping your sewer bill low. You may contact the Jacksonville Water Works at 501-982-6561 about obtaining a sprinkler meter.

Broken/Missing Clean Out Caps

JWWU StaffersA clean-out is an opening into your private sewer line that may be used to clear your service line in the event it becomes clogged. These clean-outs are located somewhere near your home on the outside. If caps are broken or missing, rainwater pours into the sewer system through these openings in your private line. This water flows to the treatment plant and must be treated with the wastewater. This is a huge source of inflow/infiltration (I/I) into the City's sewer system, and results in increased treatment costs due to the treatment of the rainwater. Customers are asked to check their clean-outs on a regular basis to ensure the caps are properly in place.

Permits & Inspections

All connections to the City's sanitary sewer lines must be preceded by purchasing a permit to allow the connection. You may call the Wastewater Utility at 501.982.0581 for information concerning a permit for connection.

All building sewer installations (repairs, replacements, and/or new construction) must be inspected and approved by an authorized Wastewater Utility Inspector prior to covering the pipe. You may call the Wastewater Utility at 501.982.0581 to schedule inspections and to obtain a copy of our specifications for proper service line installation.

On Call: 24/7

The Jacksonville Wastewater Utility is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

We want to provide you with the highest level of service possible. If you are experiencing sewer problems, call the utility office at 501.982.0581. We recommend you do this before calling a plumber, to avoid unnecessary plumbing bills. Utility crews will respond by checking the city's main line to determine whether a blockage is in the main line or in the customer's private service line.
If the problem is found in the main, the Utility will correct the problem. If found in the customer's private line, the customer will be informed of their responsibility for repairing or "clearing the line."

Jacksonville Wastewater is committed to providing exceptional community service. Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at 501.982.0581. We would appreciate your comments concerning the service you have received from any of our crews, employees, or services.

Water Saving Tips






Q. Who do I call about water connection or disconnection:
A. The Jacksonville Water Works at 501.982.6561.

Q. Why is my sewer bill higher than my water bill?
A. It costs more to clean sewer water than it does to bring fresh water from the City's water supply to your home.

Q. My sewer isn't draining well or is stopped up completely. Do I call Jacksonville Wastewater Utility or a plumber?
A. Always call us first, before calling a plumber. We are on call 24/7 to respond to your needs. We will check the City's main line for blockages, and clear any that we find. If the problem is not in the City's main line, we will inform you and you may need a plumber at that time. Call us first at 501.982.0581.

Q. Sewer overflowed into my house and caused damage. What should I do?
A. Call us immediately. We will send out a crew to assess the damage and determine the cause. Our crews will then advise you of the next step. You may need to arrange for clean-up and restoration through your insurance company.